List of our productions include




Lovesplay –   with segments devised by the company

This opening piece articulates the eternal question – what is love? What do you do when you find it? What do you do if duty compels you to walk away from it?  Lovesplay is  a captivating retelling of the Queen of Sheba’s relationship with King Solomon, a story distant from our 21st century lives in some ways, but not in others, as we gently draw the audience into the piece and get them to reveal their own love stories….


Mkeka – Straw mat,  Performed by Amantha Edmead, Judith Davis. The piece  draws upon African theatrical traditions and weaves together two heart-warming folktales which subtly  remind young people of the importance of family and friends. An interactive performance , at times comic, at times thought-provoking, that entrances young audiences – ideal for children aged  5-9.


Red Waters – Mind locked – written and directed by  Cleo Lake. This is a piece which incorporates  dance segments filmed on location in Ghana and wonders how many more lives will be lost in the crossing of the waters?


Warnings – A piece that strikes a different note looking at the ugliness of war, homing in on three examples of the escalation of madness, drawing the audience in to dramatize  their own experience of the bitterest conflict. A piece that issues repeated warnings about the unanswerable questions of war...

Are you sure that we are awake? – Sheba Soul Ensemble was commissioned in 2020 to produce a digital theatre piece. We used the idea of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, written just as colonialism was getting underway. We sought to draw parallels between the expansion  of colonialism and the spread of COVID. Our piece involved artists in Uganda, Zambia and all over the UK. We also included a section for improvisation so that audience members could share their own experiences. We were invited to perform the piece at Norwich Fringe Festival.

Daughters of woe, daughters of wonder – is another online theatre performance. Here we explore the lives of Rosa Parks, Josephine Baker, and weave in audience experiences of joy and despondency, emphasizing our individual and collective resilience. Arguably one of our most moving pieces.