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Equality. The necessity to de-colonize. Re-vitalize.

FLY! Higher Festival of Black women's films


Following a successful FLY! Festival of Black Women’s film in May / June we are back for 2 weeks of mesmerizing films and impassioned directors from the UK and Latin America. These screenings are part of Film Feels: Connected, a UK-wide cinema season, supported by the National Lottery and BFI Film Audience Network. Explore all films and events at

The full programme and links to the films will be shared at the festival - where we will watch films, participate in live talks, Q&A sessions and one creative workshop. Invited guest speakers include, Marianela Maldonado, Venezuelan screenwriter and filmmaker; Alejandra Jiménez, Colombian-British animation filmmaker and Dr Deborah Martin, specialist in Latin American cinema, with an interest in representations of gender, sexuality, childhood in cinema.

All films shown at the festival are in the public domain. However, we welcome donations to cover speakers' and workshop facilitators' fees and coordination expenses. Suggested contribution is £5. We are very grateful for your support.


Following FLY! Higher, which took place on 15 August and focused on films directed by UK-based BLACK* women, 1 participant commented : Thank you for organising a really stimulating and enjoyable evening.  I appreciated hearing everyone's thoughts, insights...and having the chance to see and hear such incredible female talent. It's been very uplifting. I also want to thank you for asking me to contribute, usually i stay very quiet and listen as I feel I have a lot to unlearn as well as learn.  I am excited about next time, thank you so so much for bringing to us all such light and love.

Join us over two nights for an incredible line up of mesmerizing films and impassioned directors from the UK and Latin America.


Why FLY? 


FLY! is the first ever festival of Black Women's Theatre taking place in Bristol between 20 -28 June. We are welcoming artists and workshop facilitators from all over the UK, and artists from the Caribbean and the US. The festival allows us to celebrate and explore the current preoccupations of Black Women artists. There will be spaces for debate and networking and for us to share our knowledge and experience. The workshops are open to all women and people identifying as female whilst performances are open to all. Events take place at the Bristol Old Vic and the Arnolfini. Come along and join us in these dizzy heights!

Click here for the programme.