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Equality. A social transformation catalyst using the arts of film and theatre.


Equality. Generating deep conversations with audience members. Seeing the overall framework for what it is....


Equality. The necessity to de-colonize. Re-vitalize.

                             WHO ARE WE?

As a performance company, we evolve. Actors join us for a certain performance, may leave us for a while, and then jump back in to a new project.


In March 2o21, our line up in alphabetical order is:

Amantha Edmead  Dancer, singer, actor

Andrea Wright  Dancer, singer, actor

Cleo Lake    Artistic director, dancer, singer, actor

Judith Davis   Dancer, actor

Lasharne Anderson Actor

Precious Onyenekwu Tatah Dancer, actor

Spence Agbami  Dancer, actor


The role of artistic director is rotated between company members.



As producers of Black women's film and theater festivals, our policy is to create intimate screenings/performances showcasing the work of Afrikan film directors and directors from the diaspora. We endeavor to bring a film director along to every screening and provide  a rich selection of 'value added' activities which help the audience to digest and process the film content or themes.